Lock Repair

  • A stiff lock
  • Key stuck in the lock
  • Entire lock cylinder rotates
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Lock Repair

Instead of squiggling and twigging your lock back and forth, you might just consider a professional quick fix to put things in order. Just like any other gadget or accessory you use daily, locks can also be damaged and repaired at the same time. Despite the recent advancement in security technology, there is yet to be a lock that can be eternal and indestructible with constant use. As soon as you spot a problem or you experience an anomaly with your lock, you should consider contacting our professional services at locksmithguaranteed.com

We specialize in everything that pertains fixing your defective lock and ensuring that your home, office or business place can be accessed without any difficulty. It is important to notify locksmith today as soon as you suspect a malfunction because the earlier you do, the better for us. Early notification provides for better chances of repairing your lock because the continual usage of a defective lock can lead to total condemnation.

When do you need lock repair?

Detecting a malfunction that requires contacting our professional locksmith service is not rocket science. There are a handful of anomalies that indicate that a lock repair is imminent and you require Locksmith Guaranteed. Some include

  1. A stiff lock
  2. Key stuck in the lock
  3. Entire lock cylinder rotates
  4. Door lock turns slowly
  5. Door lock doesn’t align or latch properly

Although these are the common complaints logged in our telephone database, our team have a comprehensive diagnostic tool box that can be used to access your situation and provide the most suitable therapy.

Why type of lock do we repair?

Our expertise isn’t limited, we repair a vast array of locks. They include but are not limited to

  1. Mortice locks
  2. Lever handle locks
  3. UPVC door locks
  4. Deadbolt locks
  5. Rim door locks
  6. Euro Cylinder locks
  7. Multi-point locks
  8. Combination locks
  9. Etc

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